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I am a language educator with 15 years’ experience in the field. In this journey thus far, I have taught Mandarin and a few other content subjects (largely related to languages, such as translation and culture appreciation) in mainstream secondary classrooms in Singapore. I have also took on roles as Subject Head and Head of Department for a few years in two schools. During the same period, I have also led or been involved in curriculum and policy planning at the national level. Currently, I am a curriculum specialist and the key scope of my work is still related to curriculum and policy planning, though my focus has gradually shifted to research instead of implementation.

My greatest satisfaction comes from the discovery of new information and knowledge through research; and by asking the right relevant questions, which then facilitates the generation of novel ideas and solutions. My colleagues would describe me as someone who is motivated and proactively seeking out innovations to address major gaps or leverage opportunities for the highest ROI; and someone who would share his knowledge in building of a more effective team.

I started this website in 2022 with the belief that a comprehensive website dedicated to connect and support language educators around the world would be meaningful. There are many websites for language learners, and a lot more for educators in general. So why not one for language educators?

When I have the privilege to interact with language educators working with different profiles of students in different contexts, I always find fresh perspectives and inspiration that can inform the work I am doing then – a classroom language teacher, a tutor for a small group of learners, a parent guiding my 3 daughters and a curriculum specialist conducting research, reviewing curriculum and curating resources.

I hope to re-create such moments for all language educators that come this way. I believe in driving practices in language teaching and learning based on sound principles informed by research. I also believe that anyone working or interested in language education could benefit from deeper understanding of the interdisciplinary issues surrounding language education.

If you are a language educator with lots of ideas, join me in this endeavor and Become a Contributor too!

Important Disclaimer: The content I publish and/or share at this website do not represent the official perspectives of the institutions at which I have studied or worked.

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Language education is interdisciplinary by design, and we can continuously improve by seeking inspiration from a wide range of sources.